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Current Mood: exhausted exhausted

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Oooooooooh, Kate has got more blueberries :))) I am a very happy gerbil. She's been a bit sad again, but the Tall Man that brought the blueberries made her smile. 
I must say, these blueberries are huuuuuuge... *nibbles*. Yummy!
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It has been a while since my journal has been updated. Goodness, what a naughty gerbil I've been! I decided to get my water bottle down one night and it drained the contents all into my shavings. Kate wasn't pleased when she saw what I'd done and I thought she was going to tell me off but she was more worried that I was thirsty and damp. I felt bad because she hasn't been very happy lately but she always has a kind word for me.

One evening she was sitting there, just staring at nothing and I saw her start to leak water from her eyes. She was sad so I scrabbled at the glass to get her attention and then began to bounce and play. It was hard work but she began to smile again, and I got a couple of yummy milk treats for being a good gerbil.

Ooooh, look, a carrot stick! I must go and deal with that!

Current Mood: hungry hungry

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I knew I shouldn't have stuck my snout out this morning. I heard the dreaded words "ah, she's awake" and then the lid came off my tank. All me hard work was being removed before my eyes; no bathtub for me today then. I burrowed but eventually almost all my shavings had gone so I popped out and went to sit in the corner.
Kate lowered her hand in and I squirted about until I remembered that she doesn't want to hurt me, and then I remained under her hand as she gently rubbed between my eyes. I do like that, and having my snout stroked too. Then oh horrors the small boy human stuck his head in the tank and I was sure he was going to eat me but Kate told him to leave me be and so I settled down for some more stroking. It took me back to when I was a baby gerbil, being groomed by my mother.

Then I had a shower of sawdust and a vast block of the stuff which will keep me busy!

Current Mood: energetic energetic

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Heee heeee! Kate has promised me a special treat later. I wonder what she means?

The small human built a big tower out of books yesterday and they fell down with such a loud noise that I bounced up high and nearly touched the lid of my tank! I spent the next age in the corner giving myself a thorough grooming to help me calm down and paid particular attention to my tail. I am very proud of my tail and I like it to look its best.

Right, there's been a collapse in tunnel number 3. I'd better go and mend it!

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy

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The cat tried to catch me :)  stupid animal tried to go through glass. Really now, why does it bother? Gerbils have far superior sense.

Anyway, I was up most of the night so I'd better get some sleep now- Kate has promised me some more tubes later. Yay for tubes!

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy

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I was asleep and dreaming of miles of tubing when I heard the lid come off my tank. I headed up sleepily to see if my owner Kate was bringing my breakfast but no. The next thing I know I'm belting around in the bath unable to climb out. I knew that when I got back home I'd find a scene of total devastation.

In came Kate talking softly to me. "Ssh, little one, come on, let me take you back to your nice clean tank." I was feeling cross so I pinged around the bath for a bit while she tried to catch me but she ended up laughing so much that I stopped, offended. Did I have something stuck on my whiskers? A smut on my face?? A kink in my tail, perhaps? Then I climbed onto Kate's hand and allowed her to take me back to view the damage.

My nest- gone. All my tunnels destroyed. BUT a loooong tube and soft white fluffy paper to chew and arrange as I please, and a nice big breakfast to boot. I'd better start digging if I want a half decent home before the cat comes in!

Current Mood: busy busy

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Must keep nibbling, must keep nibbling!

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy

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